Being Cool

What an interesting experience to be around a lot of late teenagers for a project. I was never the cool one. This time, I was trying a bit to hard to change that fact. That never works.

Then, most of the whole group disrespected our host and significant person by having their own party the night she had invited them. She breathed a huge sigh of relief that she did not have to put out for them socially. I was pissed.

To me, sin against hospitality is the worst sin. Adam and Eve in the garden sinned against God’s hospitality. They suffered by being booted out. God, on the other hand, being perfect did not suffer as much as we.

My personal reaction, as soon as I controlled my anger in empathy regarding our host, was that my many personal and physical resource did not have to be available to this group. It made my life easier. It reminds me that the “cool” group is mostly never worth the effort. Being cool is very overrated, especially if I am to be banished East of eden.

I, then, had the pleasant luxury to create my own space. I could really concentrate on doing, my job, the best I could.

The proper internal disposition is gratitude. John Calvin the Christian reformer writes: we obey the law out of gratitude to God for having saved us. We obey that law of hospitality, not out of fear, not because we have to – it it purely a thank you. We have life and gifts given to us. How we act expresses to whom we look to attribute what we have and how to grow.

Today’s Haiku:

The angel stands East
lest we eat and not die
then live without God