Partying Beyond Redemption

I once heard a sermon. The preacher said that the devil tempts us into evil then beats us up over our complicity. He should be happy that we do evil. But he is at war with our conscience. He enjoys making us feel bad about our failures. You don’t have to believe in a personal devil to know about the devastation of shame.

Some people seem to enjoy doing wrong. Four teens, in 2003, in Fishtown, Pennsylvania, lured a classmate out with promise of his first sexual experience. They beat him to death and stole his pay of about $500. They then bought alcohol, heroin, and xanax and “partied beyond redemption”. All downers, these children numbed themselves into catatonia.

To be human we think that our fellows should have remorse for what we do. Two of these imprisoned kids said they had flash backs of the murder and they enjoyed them. I have always thought that anything that pairs sex with violence has a bright line to cross. Sex and violence pairs such a powerful hook to my hormones, emotions and erosion of my self control. Young sex, drugs, alcohol and violence practice to rip down a person’s morality.

It is the parental nurturance or lack of it encourages or tears down the growth of empathy. One of the boy murderers was once the best friend of the victim. This group centered on a girl, offered him sex and drugs. The girl did this not out of love, or even lust but to control. I wonder what happened to a normal boy who betrayed his friend by being the first to strike with his hatchet. The boys had a frenzy of violence that crushed the victims head.

How do you recover these children when some of them report enjoying their atrocities. I still maintain that, contrary to their own belief, no one is beyond redemption. I rest better that they were put in jail. My Christ, must know how to embrace them. I have the personal belief that even Judas could have had forgiveness if he had not given up and committed suicide.

It is a long way back to humanity for four teenage perpetrators in Fishtown. It is the government’s duty to protect us from them. I have the belief that no one is beyond redemption. We don’t like the feeling of shame, but at least it shows our conscience is still at work. We are still human. I hope we can share that empathy and humanity,

The four fishtown murderers