From an April Morning

I, firstly, need to give credit to Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way; I discovered her and her method of writing pages every morning.; This discipline helps connect the inspiration of dreams to the mundane problems of a wakeful mind; To think outside the box, is even more challenging when the box is my mind and the outside is an epiphany from heaven.; I am not so bold as to claim a corner on that market.; My job is to be open and listening.

This morning I remembered the tall substantial Black man who came to preach in my upscale white urban church.; It was a very large congregation in Flint, Michigan in the 60’s or 70’s.  (That large a church in Flint is scarce these days.)  He said, ‘America and Europe sent missionaries to my country in Africa.  You brought us the Christian Gospel.  Now I am a missionary to you.’  His message was not a new Gospel.  To me, it was the uniqueness of this man standing speaking in my church.  Unique in that we all listened.  It is refreshing to serve and be served.  There should be no pride.  If there is wisdom, I want it from whatever source.

Warren Kimmel has a show What the Future (WTF) on CNBC. ( He went to Rwanda in this episode.  He met a woman named Martha Nyakairu.

Martha Nyakairu founder of Rwanda Eco-Tours talks about coming back from a heart of darkness and a horrible time of genocide only fifteen years before.  Martha says that time now reveals the true goodness of the people.  She says that now Rwandans take their own personal responsibility to heal this country.  They very particularly honor the law. An example of this is that plastic bags were outlawed
to keep the country clean.  All at once there were no plastic bags.  One day of the month the whole country takes the time to clean around them.  Warren Kimmel notices how clean everything is.  Each person takes their part in this.

Martha’s father began taking a responsibility to save the environment and lives of the endangered Mountain Gorillas.  He did this by beginning to make the local people a participant in an economy that enabled the Gorillas to survive.  This eventually replaced poaching with eco-tourism.  The people who previously
stole the Gorillas began to contribute to the community good.  They now all have a part of the benefit so they work to a common end.

Warren Kimmel noted,  “If there could be something good coming out of something so terrible, it would be this, everybody is determined.”

This is what I would like to hear in the voice of a healed Rwandan.  How we in the West can create a community to heal our own wounds.  How can we focus on problems like the brutal bullying that occurs in our schools.  It is beginning a cycle of violence and vengeance that is hard to imagine.  I see a child, arms stretched out on a fence, dead.  He only had some ideas of identity that he might never have acted upon.

We have preached to the Rwandans.  What might they have to offer to us.  I would like some missionaries to preach on this subject.  Their example is to get together in community and focus on what should change.  Open listening, no pride.  The sheer force of a community moving with one heart and mind is tremendous.


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