Humanity Saturday 25June201w

This is the first post from my Blackberry. A small feat of technology, here.

These two weeks I have screwed up almost every obligation. Doctor apointments, meetings and about everything. It has taken me two weeks to fix my lawnmower and my bills were late.

So, with this benchmarked low, there is only up. Effort is only part, I need a good measure of divine grace.

“A man rises early and works late. Unless the Lord build a house he who labors, labors in vain, eating the bread of anxious toil.”. So says the scripture. I want to take this wisdom into my heart and action.

Practically the advice is: make a list (I think prayerfully and do-able). Then I should always do the first thing first every day before proceeding. This is wisdom.

I know I am not a kidney bean
I know I am not a soy bean
I am a human bean

Now, I have finished lunch and coffee. I will tackle that lawnmower before the city sends the sherrif


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